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Name Gloss Aid to upward motion
Closest FrameNet Frame(s)
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Type Frame


Related Frames:

Current Frame: Aid to upward motion
Relation Type: is subcase of
Related Frame: Aids to motion
Current Frame: Aid to upward motion
Relation Type: is in a scalar opposition to
Related Frame: Aids to downward motion



Relevant Lexical Units:

Language English
Lempos rope.n
Language English
Lempos lifeline.n
Language English
Lempos ladder.n
Language English
Lempos trampoline.n
Language English
Lempos leg.n up
Language English
Lempos staircase.n
Language English
Lempos rope.v
Language English
Lempos springboard.n
Language English
Lempos stairway.n
Language English
Lempos foothold.n

Lexical Units in Related FrameNet Frames:

Metaphors that use this frame:

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Graph of frame relations:

digraph framerelsgrph { rankdir="BT" n1 [label="Aid to upward motion" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Aid_to_upward_motion" fontsize="10.0" penwidth=2 style="filled" fillcolor="lightgray" ]; n2 [label="Aids to motion" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Aids_to_motion" fontsize="10.0" ];

n1 -> n2 [label = "is subcase of" fontsize="8.0" color="magenta" ]; n3 [label="Aids to downward motion" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Aids_to_downward_motion" fontsize="10.0" ];

n1 -> n3 [label = "is in a scalar opposition to" fontsize="8.0" ]; }

Facts about "Aid to upward motion"
Frame.TypeFrame +
Is a subcase ofFrame:Aids to motion +
LUsEnglish (rope.n, rope) +, English (lifeline.n, lifeline) +, English (ladder.n, ladder) +, English (trampoline.n, trampoline) +, English (leg.n up, leg up) +, English (staircase.n, staircase) +, English (rope.v, rope) +, English (springboard.n, springboard) +, English (stairway.n, stairway) + and English (foothold.n, foothold) +
Related frameis subcase of (Aids to motion, ?) + and is in a scalar opposition to (Aids to downward motion, ?) +
Has subobject
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Frame:Aid to upward motion#Lexical_unit_of +