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Name Gloss Weight
Closest FrameNet Frame(s)
Other aliases
Type Frame


Related Frames:

Current Frame: Weight
Relation Type: makes use of
Related Frame: Scale
Roles:parameter, maximal value, minimal value, intermediate values, position_on_scale, norm, ordered_value_relations



Relevant Lexical Units:

Language English
Lempos weight.n

Lexical Units in Related FrameNet Frames:

Metaphors that use this frame:

as Target frame as Source frame

Graph of frame relations:

digraph framerelsgrph { rankdir="BT" n1 [label="Body weight" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Body_weight" fontsize="10.0" ]; n2 [label="Weight" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Weight" fontsize="10.0" penwidth=2 style="filled" fillcolor="lightgray" ];

n1 -> n2 [label = "is subcase of" fontsize="8.0" color="magenta" ]; n3 [label="Burden" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Burden" fontsize="10.0" ];

n3 -> n2 [label = "makes use of" fontsize="8.0" color="green" ]; n4 [label="Object" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Object" fontsize="10.0" ];

n4 -> n2 [label = "incorporates as a role" fontsize="8.0" ]; n5 [label="Support" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Support" fontsize="10.0" ];

n5 -> n2 [label = "makes use of" fontsize="8.0" color="green" ]; n6 [label="Scale" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Scale" fontsize="10.0" ];

n2 -> n6 [label = "makes use of" fontsize="8.0" color="green" ]; }

Facts about "Weight"
Frame.TypeFrame +
LUsEnglish (weight.n, weight) +
Makes use ofFrame:Scale +
Related framemakes use of (Scale, ?) +
Has subobject
"Has subobject" is a predefined property representing a container construct that allows to accumulate property-value assignments similar to that of a normal wiki page.
Frame:Weight#Lexical_unit_of +