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This is a property of type Page.

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Access to a location +Access  +
Access to an object +Access  +
Action +Process  +
Addiction +Physical affliction  +
Addressing poverty +Addressing social problems  +
Addressing social problems +Causation  +
Adoption +Selection  +
Affected motion +Causation  +
Affection +Directed emotion  +
Aid to upward motion +Aids to motion  +
Aids to downward motion +Aids to motion  +
Aids to motion +Enablement  +
Air motion +Motion  +
Analysis +Reasoning  +
Anger +Emotion  +
Animal +Animate entity  +
Animal life cycle +Life cycle  +
Animate entity +Biological entity  +
Antagonistic force +Force-application  +
Artifact +Object  +, Physical entity  +
Attacking +Harm to living entity  +
Authority +Control  +
Avoiding obstacles +Motion with respect to an undesirable entity  +


Back +Figure ground  +
Backward motion +Motion along a path  +
Barrier +Motion-affecting properties of the landscape  +
Barrier to accessing a location +Barrier  +
Being at a High Location +Being at a location  +
Being at a Low Location +Being at a location  +
Being at a location +Trajector landmark  +, Process  +
Being in a Bounded Region +Being at a location  +
Being low on a scale +Scale  +
Belief +Cognizing  +
Biological entity +Complex physical object  +
Bird +Animal  +
Blood flow +Bodily functioning  +, Fluid motion  +
Blood-sucking creature +Animate entity  +
Boat +Seafaring vehicle  +
Body of water +Fluid containment  +, Geographic feature  +
Body weight +Weight  +
Bounded entity +Entity  +
Bounded region +Region  +
Building +Physical structure  +
Burden +Motion-affecting objects  +
Burial +Physical obstacle  +


Cancer +Disease  +
Cancer treatment +Disease treatment  +
Card game +Game  +
Causation +Complex process  +
Cause contact +Causation  +
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