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This is a property of type Record. It has the fields Property:LUs.Language, Property:LUs.Lempos, Property:LUs.Lemmas

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Ability to act +English (able, able)  +, English (ability, ability)  +, English (capability, capability)  +
Absorption +English (absorb.v, absorb)  +, English (sponge.n, sponge)  +, English (sponge.v up, sponge up)  +,
Access +English (access.v, access)  +
Access to an object +English (access, access)  +
Accompany +English (accompany, accompany)  +, English (accompaniment, accompaniment)  +, English (together, together)  +
Across +English (across.prep, acrossep)  +, English (cross.v, cross)  +
Action +English (action, action)  +, English (act, act)  +, English (actor, actor)  +
Addiction +English (addict.n, addict)  +, English (addict.v, addict)  +, English (addiction.n, addiction)  +,
Adoption +English (adopt.v, adopt)  +
Advocacy +English (advocacy.n, advocacy)  +, English (advocate.v, advocate)  +, English (advocate.n, advocate)  +,
Agriculture +English (farm.v, farm)  +, English (farm.n, farm)  +
Aid to upward motion +English (rope.n, rope)  +, English (lifeline.n, lifeline)  +, English (ladder.n, ladder)  +,
Aids to downward motion +English (trapdoor.n, trapdoor)  +, English (chute.n, chute)  +, English (greased.a pole.n, greased pole)  +,
Aids to motion +English (boost.v, boost)  +, English (fuel.v, fuel)  +, English (thrust.v, thrust)  +,
Air motion +English (wind.n, wind)  +, English (gale.n, gale)  +, English (gust.n, gust)  +,
Amassing +English (amass.v, amass)  +, English (accumulate.v, accumulate)  +, English (accumulation.n, accumulation)  +,
Analysis +English (analyze.v, analyze)  +, English (criticize.v, criticize)  +, English (scrutinize.v, scrutinize)  +,
Anger +English (anger.n, anger)  +, English (angry.a, angry)  +, English (furious.a, furious)  +,
Animal +English (animal.n, animal)  +, English (pig.n, pig)  +, English (swine.n, swine)  +,
Animal life cycle +English (egg.n, egg)  +, English (fledgling.n, fledgling)  +, English (pup.n, pup)  +,
Antagonistic force +English (bring.v to knees, bring to knees)  +, English (keep.v away, keep away)  +, English (hold.v back, hold back)  +,
Argument +English (argument.n, argument)  +, English (point.n, point)  +, English (claim.n, claim)  +,
Attach +English (attach.v, attach)  +, English (attachment.n, attachment)  +, English (append.v, append)  +,
Attacking +English (attack.n, attack)  +, English (aggression.n, aggression)  +, English (aggressor.n, aggressor)  +,
Authority +English (authority.n, authority)  +, English (authoritative.a, authoritative)  +
Avoiding obstacles +English (dodge.n, dodge)  +, English (evasion.n, evasion)  +, English (avoid.v, avoid)  +,
Awakening +English (arouse.v, arouse)  +


Back +English (back.n, back)  +, English (backward.a, backward)  +, English (backwards.a, backwards)  +,
Backward motion +English (recede.v, recede)  +, English (retreat.v, retreat)  +, English (pull.v back, pull back)  +,
Badness +English (bad.a, bad)  +, English (badness.n, badness)  +
Barrier +English (barrier.n, barrier)  +, English (obstacle.n, obstacle)  +, English (blockage.n, blockage)  +,
Barrier to accessing a location +English (hurdle.n, hurdle)  +, English (rocky.adj, rocky)  +, English (treacherous.adj, treacherous)  +,
Being at a High Location +English (highest level.n, highest level)  +, English (top one percent.n, top one percent)  +, English (top of the pyramid.n, top of the pyramid)  +,
Being at a Low Location +English (bottom of the totem pole.n, bottom of the totem pole)  +, English (bottom of the heap.n, bottom of the heap)  +, English (the pits.n, the pits)  +,
Being at a location +English (location.n, location)  +, English (locate.v, locate)  +, English (be.v placed, be placed)  +,
Being in a Bounded Region +English (born.v into, born into)  +, English (reside.v in, reside in)  +, English (live.v in, live in)  +,
Being in the middle of a scale +English (middle.a, middle)  +, English (median.n, median)  +, English (mid-level.a, mid-level)  +,
Being stable +English (balance.v, balance)  +, English (anchor.v, anchor)  +
Being unstable +English (teeter.v, teeter)  +, English (totter.v, totter)  +, English (wobble.v, wobble)  +,
Belief +English (belief.n, belief)  +, English (believe.v, believe)  +
Bird +English (fledgling.n, fledgling)  +, English (chick.n, chick)  +, English (bird.n, bird)  +,
Birth +English (birth.n, birth)  +, English (birth.v, birth)  +, English (give.v birth, give birth)  +,
Blood flow +English (blood.n, blood)  +, English (bleeding.n, bleeding)  +, English (bleed.v, bleed)  +,
Blood-sucking creature +English (leech.n, leech)  +, English (mosquito.n, mosquito)  +, English (snake.n, snake)  +,
Boat +English (boat.n, boat)  +, English (canoe.n, canoe)  +, English (ship.n, ship)  +,
Body +English (body.n, body)  +, English (leg.n, leg)  +, English (belly.n, belly)  +,
Body of water +English (ocean.n, ocean)  +, English (lake.n, lake)  +, English (pond.n, pond)  +,
Body weight +English (body weight, body weight)  +, English (bodyweight, bodyweight)  +
Bounded region +English (in.prep, inep)  +, English (within.prep, withinep)  +, English (inside.prep, insideep)  +,
Building +English (building.n, building)  +, English (foundation.n, foundation)  +, English (brick.n, brick)  +,
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Property:LUs.Language, Property:LUs.Lempos, Property:LUs.Lemmas +
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Record +