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This is a property of type Page. It links to pages that use the form Frame.

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Ability to act +Action  +, X-schema  +
Access +Barrier  +
Access to a location +Change of location  +
Access to an object +Object  +
Access to education +Opportunities  +, Education  +
Access to knowledge +Knowledge  +
Accompany +Leadership  +
Across +Motion along a path  +, Trajector landmark  +, Axis  +
Addiction +Drugs  +
Addressing social problems +Social problems  +, Governing action  +
Adoption +Family  +
Agriculture +Tending to plants  +
Aids to action +Action  +
Aids to downward motion +Downward motion  +
Aids to motion +Motion  +
Analysis +Evaluation  +
Animal life cycle +Animal  +
Animate entity +Self propelled motion  +
Artifact +Purposeful action  +
Attacking +Physical combat  +, Personal weapon  +
Attribute +State  +
Authority +Trust  +
Awakening +Animate entity  +, Awake  +


Backward motion +Back  +
Barrier +Motion along a path  +
Barrier to accessing a location +Access to a location  +, Inability to access a location  +
Being at a High Location +Vertical position  +
Being at a Low Location +Vertical position  +
Being in a Bounded Region +Bounded entity  +
Biological entity +Life cycle  +, Ingestion  +
Blood flow +Liquid  +
Blood-sucking creature +Harm to living entity  +
Bodily functioning +Part whole  +
Body +Animate entity  +, Part whole  +
Body weight +Body  +, Bodily functioning  +
Bounded entity +Bounded region  +, Part whole  +
Building +Containing  +
Bully +Harm to living entity  +
Burden +Weight  +
Bureaucracy +Legislative action  +
Business +Finance  +, Wealth  +


Cancer patient +Cancer  +
Cancer treatment +Cancer  +
Career +Employment  +
Cause contact +Contact  +
Caused change of state +Change of state  +
Center periphery +Proximal  +
Change of location +Being at a location  +
Citizen evaluation of government +Government  +
Citizen participation +Participation  +
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Facts about "Makes use of"
Has default form
This property is a special property in this wiki.
Frame +
Has type
"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property.
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