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ACTION IS BEING IN A LOCATION +some actions can only be performed when the actor is in a particular location  +
ACTION IS SELF-PROPELLED MOTION ALONG A PATH +The correlation between performing actions and moving.  +
ACTIVITIES ARE BOUNDED REGIONS IN SPACE +Commonly particular activities occur in particular bounded regions of space  +
ANGER IS HEAT +Feeling hot when you are angry  +


BEING ALIVE IS BEING PHYSICALLY AT THIS LOCATION +The correlation between our awareness of objects (i.e. knowledge their existence) and their presence in our vicinity.  +


COMMUNICATING IS POINTING +Pointing to something draws the person's attention to that thing, and thereby attunes that person to the same object that the pointing person is attuned to.  +
CONSCIOUS IS UP +Being physically upright usually indicates being conscious and alert; being physically supine usually indicates being unconscious or asleep.  +


EFFECTS ARE TRANSFERRED OBJECTS +The tendency for objects to move in a direction away from whatever caused them to move.  +
EXISTENCE IS VISIBILITY +The correlation between our awareness of objects (i.e. knowledge of their existence) and their presence within our field of vision  +
EXPERIENCING A STATE IS BEING AT A LOCATION +experiencing different states at different locations  +


HAPPY IS UP +happy people tend to stand up and be energetic  +
HARM IS PHYSICAL INJURY +When physical injury occurs, there is usually harm in functionality, psychological harm, social harm, etc. associated with that physical injury.  +


INTENSITY OF ACTIVITY IS HEAT +The correlation between being active and feeling warm.  +
INTERRELATEDNESS IS PHYSICAL INTERCONNECTEDNESS +The correlation between intricate physical structure and complex logical interdependence.  +


KNOWING IS SEEING +Gaining knowledge through looking around  +


LEARNING IS ACQUIRING +A correlation between physically possessing an object and having access to it in other senses, to manipulate it, to examine it, and use it.  +


MEANS ARE PATHS +The correlation between goal-oriented decision-making and confronting alternative paths.  +


ORGANIZATION IS PHYSICAL STRUCTURE +Physical structures composed of physical objects are structured in certain ways and organized in certain ways.  +


PURITY IS CLEANLINESS +Pure substances have nothing else mixed in with them; a common impurity is dirt, which is dirty. Hence, impure substances are dirty, and pure substances are clean.  +


QUANTITY IS SIZE +As the amount of an entity or group of entiies increases, the 3-dimensional spatial extent of that entity tends to increase  +
QUANTITY IS VERTICALITY +If you add more of a substance or of physical objects to a container or pile, the level goes up.  +


SIMILARITY IS PROXIMITY +Often similar objects are experienced as bundles  +
STATES ARE LOCATIONS +The correlation between our location and how we feel. And/or the correlation between perceiving motion and being aware of a change in the world-state around us.  +
STATUS IS VERTICALITY +Status is correlated with social power and physical power is correlated with verticality.  +


TIME IS A LANDSCAPE THROUGH WHICH THE OBSERVER MOVES +As we move through space, we perceive time as elapsing.  +
TIME IS A MOVING OBJECT +The correlation between the perception of motion and the awareness that the world-state has changed between one moment and the next. (See CHANGE IS MOTION  +
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