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Name Gloss Impurity
Closest FrameNet Frame(s)
Other aliases


Related Frames:

Current Frame: Impurity
Relation Type: is in a scalar opposition to
Related Frame: Purity
Roles:pure_entity, pure_condition, purity_x-schema



Relevant Lexical Units:

Language English
Lempos dirty.a
Language English
Lempos impure.a
Language English
Lempos impurity.n
Language English
Lempos contaminate.v
Language English
Lempos contaminated.a
Language English
Lempos stain.n
Language English
Lempos stain.v
Language English
Lempos filth.n
Language English
Lempos taint.v
Language English
Lempos taint.n
Language English
Lempos sully.v
Language English
Lempos tarnish.v
Language English
Lempos unclean.a

Lexical Units in Related FrameNet Frames:

Metaphors that use this frame:

as Target frame as Source frame

Graph of frame relations:

digraph framerelsgrph { rankdir="BT" n1 [label="Disgusting" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Disgusting" fontsize="10.0" ]; n2 [label="Impurity" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Impurity" fontsize="10.0" penwidth=2 style="filled" fillcolor="lightgray" ];

n1 -> n2 [label = "is subcase of" fontsize="8.0" color="magenta" ]; n3 [label="Purity" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Purity" fontsize="10.0" ];

n2 -> n3 [label = "is in a scalar opposition to" fontsize="8.0" ]; }

Facts about "Impurity"
LUsEnglish (dirty.a, dirty) +, English (impure.a, impure) +, English (impurity.n, impurity) +, English (contaminate.v, contaminate) +, English (contaminated.a, contaminated) +, English (stain.n, stain) +, English (stain.v, stain) +, English (filth.n, filth) +, English (taint.v, taint) +, English (taint.n, taint) +, English (sully.v, sully) +, English (tarnish.v, tarnish) + and English (unclean.a, unclean) +
Related frameis in a scalar opposition to (Purity, ?) +
Has subobject
"Has subobject" is a predefined property representing a container construct that allows to accumulate property-value assignments similar to that of a normal wiki page.
Frame:Impurity#Lexical_unit_of +