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Facts about "Motion"
Bindingmover (Process.protagonist) +, motion_x-schema (Process.x-schema) + and mover (Physical entity.physical_entity_whole) +
Frame.TypeCog + and Primary +
Has descriptionThis is the most general Motion frame.
This is the most general Motion frame. Frame description: All or part of an entity (mover) moves with respect to some landmark or background. This general frame encompasses both "motion-in-place" (movement that can occur within a fixed location, e.g. spinning) and translational motion (in which the mover occupies a series of different locations over time -- see Motion_Along_A_Path). This frame could also be used to specify lack of motion (i.e. speed = 0).
o specify lack of motion (i.e. speed = 0). +
Is a subcase ofFrame:Process +
LUsEnglish (move.v, move) +, English (motion.n, motion) +, English (shift.v, shift) +, English (shift.n, shift) +, English (movement.n, movement) +, English (mobility.n, mobility) +, English (mobile.a, mobile) + and English (immovable.a, immovable) +
Makes use ofFrame:Physical entity +
Related frameis subcase of (Process, ?) + and makes use of (Physical entity, mover is a physical entity) +
Rolemover (?, ?, ?, ?) +, motion_x-schema (?, ?, ?, ?) +, speed (Scale, ?, ?, ?) + and direction (spatial, ?, ?, ?) +
Has subobject
"Has subobject" is a predefined property representing a container construct that allows to accumulate property-value assignments similar to that of a normal wiki page.
Frame:Motion#Lexical_unit_of +