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Name Gloss Poverty
Closest FrameNet Frame(s)
Other aliases
Type Frame


Role Name: impoverished_entity
Role Type: Person, Social group
Definition/Comments: one or more people who are impoverished
FrameNet Role:
Role Name: impoverished_state
Role Type: State
Definition/Comments: state of impoverished_entity
FrameNet Role:
Role Name: cause_of_impoverished_state
Role Type:
Definition/Comments: (external) cause of impoverishment, if any
FrameNet Role:
Role Name: degree of poverty
Role Type: Scale
FrameNet Role:
Role Name: amount of resources
Role Type:
FrameNet Role:

Related Frames:

Current Frame: Poverty
Relation Type: is subcase of
Related Frame: Economic status
Roles:status_holder, financial_resources, status, minimal_status, intermediate_status, maximal_status
Current Frame: Poverty
Relation Type: is in a scalar opposition to
Related Frame: Wealth
Roles:wealthy_entity, wealth, degree of wealth
Current Frame: Poverty
Relation Type: is subcase of
Related Frame: Social problems
Roles:social_problem, society, result_of_problem, problem_cause, severity_of_problem
Current Frame: Poverty
Relation Type: makes use of
Related Frame: Causation
Roles:causer, causal_process, affected, affected_process, cause, effect, FD_relation_type


amount of resources=Economic status.status
impoverished_entity=Economic status.status_holder
degree of poverty=Economic status.minimal_status
degree of poverty=Social problems.social_problem
impoverished_entity=Social problems.society


Relevant Lexical Units:

Language English
Lempos poverty.n
Language English
Lempos impoverishment.n
Language English
Lempos impoverished.a
Language English
Lempos indigence.n
Language English
Lempos destitution.n
Language English
Lempos poor.a
Language English
Lempos the 47 percent
Language English
Lempos the 53 percent
Language English
Lempos underprivileged.a
Language English
Lempos poverty line
Language English
Lempos poorer.a
Language English
Lempos underprivileged.n
Language English
Lempos poverty.n rate.n

Lexical Units in Related FrameNet Frames:

Metaphors that use this frame:

as Target frame as Source frame

Graph of frame relations:

digraph framerelsgrph { rankdir="BT" n1 [label="Addressing poverty" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Addressing_poverty" fontsize="10.0" ]; n2 [label="Poverty" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Poverty" fontsize="10.0" penwidth=2 style="filled" fillcolor="lightgray" ];

n1 -> n2 [label = "incorporates as a role" fontsize="8.0" ]; n3 [label="Impoverished" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Impoverished" fontsize="10.0" ];

n3 -> n2 [label = "makes use of" fontsize="8.0" color="green" ]; n4 [label="Wealth" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Wealth" fontsize="10.0" ];

n4 -> n2 [label = "is in a scalar opposition to" fontsize="8.0" ]; n5 [label="Economic status" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Economic_status" fontsize="10.0" ];

n2 -> n5 [label = "is subcase of" fontsize="8.0" color="magenta" ];

n2 -> n4 [label = "is in a scalar opposition to" fontsize="8.0" ]; n6 [label="Social problems" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Social_problems" fontsize="10.0" ];

n2 -> n6 [label = "is subcase of" fontsize="8.0" color="magenta" ]; n7 [label="Causation" URL="/pub/en/index.php/Frame:Causation" fontsize="10.0" ];

n2 -> n7 [label = "makes use of" fontsize="8.0" color="green" ]; }

Facts about "Poverty"
Bindingamount of resources (Economic status.status) +, impoverished_entity (Economic status.status_holder) +, degree of poverty (Economic status.minimal_status) +, degree of poverty (Social problems.social_problem) + and impoverished_entity (Social problems.society) +
Frame.TypeFrame +
Is a subcase ofFrame:Economic status + and Frame:Social problems +
LUsEnglish (poverty.n, poverty) +, English (impoverishment.n, impoverishment) +, English (impoverished.a, impoverished) +, English (indigence.n, indigence) +, English (destitution.n, destitution) +, English (poor.a, poor) +, English (the 47 percent, the 47 percent) +, English (the 53 percent, the 53 percent) +, English (underprivileged.a, underprivileged) +, English (poverty line, poverty line) +, English (poorer.a, poorer) +, English (underprivileged.n, underprivileged) + and English (poverty.n rate.n, poverty rate) +
Makes use ofFrame:Causation +
Related frameis subcase of (Economic status, ?) +, is in a scalar opposition to (Wealth, ?) +, is subcase of (Social problems, ?) + and makes use of (Causation, ?) +
Roleimpoverished_entity (Person, Social group, one or more people who are impoverished, ?, ?) +, impoverished_state (State, state of impoverished_entity, ?, ?) +, cause_of_impoverished_state (?, (external) cause of impoverishment, if any, ?, ?) +, degree of poverty (Scale, ?, ?, ?) + and amount of resources (?, ?, ?, ?) +
Has subobject
"Has subobject" is a predefined property representing a container construct that allows to accumulate property-value assignments similar to that of a normal wiki page.
Frame:Poverty#Lexical_unit_of +